Manitou Pontoon Boats

Manitou has a 25th Anniversary Edition pontoon, which has the most extensive list of features and specifications of the Manitou pontoon boats they have for sale. It includes a carry-on cooler, a dinette, cup holders, marine vinyl furniture, a sun pad, an extended starboard chaise, a stern ladder made of stainless steel, a mooring cover, a ski storage rack, and a trash bin, 4-speaker stereo system from JBL. There is also a helm chair that is automotive style, a high-back reclining chair, a walk-around transom, hydraulic and power-assisted steering, anodized walls and rails, splash-shielded motor mount, a full-length tube riser, swimming platforms, teak flooring, and splash fins integrated in its nose cones.

manitou pontoon boatsOptional features for this special edition Manitou pontoon are a portable table, a portable potty, a floating ottoman cooler, center storage, barbecue grill, Fish Finder, power plug for trolling, bow filler bench, power arm or double bimini, and Sirius/XM stereo upgrade.

Manitou’s entry –level pontoon is the Aurora, which comes in 16, 18, or 20 feet Cruise series or Fish series. Their common features are marine carpeting, vinyl furniture, a sun pad located at the stern, mooring cover, 2-speaker radio with CD player by Sony, bucket helm seat, extended chaise located at the starboard, entry door at the back, and entry ladder at the stern.

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More on Manitou Pontoon Boats

One can choose to add a dinette, a portable potty, a portable table, portable cup holders, privacy station curtain, filler bed, ski tow bar, barbecue grill, floating ottoman cooler, depth and fish finder, hydraulic steering, and a wide array of slider, reclining, low back, mid back, and high back helm chair to many / all of the Manitou pontoon boats for sale.

The flagship Manitou pontoon model is the Legacy that comes in 22, 24, or 26 feet, and 2 or 3 pontoon or V-Toon. It shares some of the features of the special edition plus it also has a toy box located at the stern and mooring eyes. Aside from the options available in the other models, it also has options for blue LED lighting, a refrigerator, a galley sink, and an entertainment galley.

The X-plode, which comes in a 24, 26, or 28 feet configuration; and the Encore that has models for 20, 22, 24, and 26 feet have cross features from the Legacy and the special edition.

The Oasis Manitou pontoon mixes sensibility and affordability with its 18’, 20’, 22’, and 24’ models. Some of its features are a lift-up chaise lounge at the portside, another chaise at the starboard, a sun pad, a radio and CD player with 4 speakers, a low-back and a slider helm chair, vinyl and roto-mold furniture, rear entry door, and stern entry ladder. Added options, aside from those already mentioned, are track lighting, gate pads with net for storage, dock guard made from stainless steel, and full or stern mooring covers on this model of Manitou Pontoon Boats.